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Life Turns On A Dime

8 thoughts on “ Life Turns On A Dime

  1. Dec 13,  · Life Turns on a Dime December 13, by J.A. Jance I’m writing this on Monday morning rather than Wednesday when I usually do because it seems as though a lifetime has passed since I wrote my last blog, a cheery little missive saying that Christmas is almost upon us—Hi-HO.
  2. Aug 19,  · To "turn on a dime" is usually an expression you hear when referring to high performance cars, airplanes, boats, etc. Since a dime is the smallest U.S. coin, the ability to "turn on it" is a figure of speech meaning you can change direction very quickly in a very small space. In this case, it means that life can change course very quickly.
  3. May 06,  · Life Can Turn on a Dime. May 6, May 6, ~ admin. Mary O’Malley – Life can turn on a dime. Who would’ve thought, just a couple of months ago, cities all over the world would be shut down with businesses closed, streets empty and parks eerily quiet? When life gets this challenging, we have a tendency to look for something or.
  4. Life can turn on a dime. The expression ‘turn on a dime’ means the sharpest turn possible. It is a thought that has been going through my mind over the last two days. On Wednesday, I woke up with a stitch in my left side. I didn’t think much about it as I took some ibuprofen to calm the pain.
  5. The saying, “Life can turn on a dime” neatly encapsulates a precautionary tale. You know how it goes: “Live your life for today, because tomorrow you could walk out and be hit by a bus.” However, seen from a different angle, “Life can turn on a dime” can express an optimistic viewpoint. I’ve come to [ ].
  6. “Life turns on a dime. Sometimes towards us, but more often it spins away, flirting and flashing as it goes: so long, honey, it was good while it lasted, wasn’t it?” ― Stephen King, 11/22/ Read more quotes from Stephen King. Share this quote: Like Quote. Recommend to friends.
  7. They returned later to see if he was ready to talk, but found him dead instead. Mosiello and Lydecker got $, a diamond ring and a camera for their efforts. They were tried separately with Lydecker testifying against Mosiello in the first, who was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life .
  8. Mar 06,  · When Life Turns on a Dime whitehairgrace Aging well, Elderhood, Grace 03/06/ 03/06/ 3 Minutes I wrote this piece last Saturday night when news arrived from the Philippines that my great-granddaughter had been taken to the hospital in Manila after falling down the stairs at home.

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